Health & Safety Solutions Guidance

The first place to start is with Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974(HASAWA), which revolutionised H&S legislation and is just as relevant today as it was forty years ago! It places general duties on both employer and employees. Do you know what they are? It also being an enabling act allowed the creation of numerous subordinate regulations to cover specific issues, such as, The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (MHSAWR) 1999 which reinforced and expanded on the HASAWA, with Risk Assessment (Reg. 3) becoming cornerstone of modern H&S management.

The EU has helped produce much good legislation in directives and EU Regulation, starting with the "Six Pack" in 1992 covering MHSAWR, Workplace Regs, Manual Handling, Use of Work Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

Our L2 H&S course gives a quick introduction to these key topics, with our Level 3 H&S for Supervisors and Level 4 H&S for Managers course giving more detailed consideration.

The foundation of good management of Health and Safety is an H&S Management system as exemplified by latest HSG65 (2013)

There is much useful information and good publications from short guides (INDG leaflets) to detailed guidance on the regulations (Legal (L) series) produced by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and  available free of charge from their excellent website;