First Aid Solutions Guidance

First Aid is often one of those forgotten areas of Health and Safety, but failure to make adequate provision is not just a non-compliance issue that could lead to prosecution but could have potentially life threating consequences for your valuable staff.

First aid training is not just one of the cheapest forms of technical skills training but is also the cheapest form of H&S training! What? I hear you ask. Well it raises awareness of the potential injuries that can occur in the workplace, especially if H&S is not followed, these First Aider now become H&S Champions as they peer-educate their co-workers to avoid having to give treatment, Thus this is now pro-active on H&S rather than reactive, at least that's the way we teach our students. Prevention is always better than cure!

The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations of 1981 (FAR) are one of the longest standing regulations, as relevant today as when introduced. Although, there has been many changes to guidance the regulations have never needed to be changed, testimony to good legislation! The last significant guidance changes occurred in October 2013. We produced a guide that summarises the 32 pages of the regulations into just one! ( or two if you want little extra detail).

Download “Quick Guide to H&S (First Aid) Regulations 1981” HSFAR3-2013.pdf – Downloaded 49 times – 485 KB

Your First Aid Provision will depend on your business and is decided using a "First Aid Needs Assessment" (FANA). This is not a "risk Assessment" but a needs analysis based on your business and it's risk, so your risk assessment and accident history can be useful. See our FANA Guide.

Download “Quick Guide to Fire Safety Order” FSO-SHEET-EQC.pdf – Downloaded 41 times – 255 KB

Due to HSE changes with regard to First Aid at Work (FAW) training, Training providers no longer have to be approved by HSE, so you will need to make due diligence checks to ensure whoever provides your training is doing so to the required syllabi and standards. Obviously we are and are happy to answer any question you have (and should have of all providers). Just because some large charities may have a well-known name, it doesn’t always follow that the quality will reflect the increased costs!)

Download “First Aid Training Providers Due Diligence Checklist” EQC-Due-Diligence-Checklist.pdf – Downloaded 34 times – 247 KB

As well as trained staff you will also need to provide First Aid equipment, a First Aid Kit as a minimum. We can provide all your needs from our on-line shop or contact us for more specialised items (AEDs, Catastrophic Haemorrhage (CATs) supplies). We have provided a First Aid Kit Checklist to help you maintain appropiate equipment in your work place to either that suggested in FAR or BS8599:2011 standard.

Download “First Aid Container Contents Checklist” EQC-FA-Kit-Checklist.pdf – Downloaded 34 times – 355 KB

Finally, just in case you want to look at the Regulations and the latest guidance in full, there is a link to current (2013) L74 Guidance on Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

HSE Website: Guidance on First Aid at Work