Fire Safety Guidance

Fire is one of the greatest risks to people in the home and at work. Last year around 325 people died in the home and  workplace and over 9,000 people injuried. The cost to business and society are colossal, estimated to be in excess of £7 billion. Simply actions could significantly reduce the risk and costs. The largest cause of fire in business is arson, again simple actions could reduce your business risk of becoming a victim.

We have produced some documents to assist you to find solutions for fire safety and can train your staff to assist you with compliance or act as Fire Marshals.

The first is a Quickguide to the "Fire Safety Order"

Download “Quick Guide to Fire Safety Order” FSO-SHEET-EQC.pdf – Downloaded 41 times – 255 KB

followed by a more detailed checklist that takes you through each of the requirement of each Article (parts of the Order), so that you can see where you need to do more work to ensure fire safety.

Download “Fire Safety Order Checklist” Fire-Safety-Compliance-Checklist.pdf – Downloaded 40 times – 307 KB

The last piece of guidance is to help you get sufficent numbers or Fire Marshals/Wardens (safety assistants) to assit you with managing fire safety in your business. Don't forget we provide quality and affordable Fire Marshal training for them and may be able to customise for your specific needs.

Download “Number of Fire Marshal Calculator” First-Mashal-Calculator.pdf – Downloaded 34 times – 242 KB

Finally, There is much good advice and guidance provided by the Government to business for Fire Safety compliance, including 12 Fire Safety Risk Assessment Guides for different workplaces, from offices to outdoor events, and an additional suppliment for escape of Disabled Persons, all available free from

Government Guidance on Fire Risk Assessment