How safe are we 2017?

It’s that time of year again when the HSE publish their statistics or work-related deaths, injuries and ill health (2016/7). Time to see if collectively we are going in the right direction and think what more do we as companies and individuals need to do.

As a wise man once said, “if you don’t measure it, you don’t manage it!” so just before we have a more detailed look, let’s have a go at a cut down version of one of the quizzes we use on our H&S courses.


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31.2 million14.9 billion70,116

Place the number given above that you think is correct statistic for the relevant question below:

Number of workers killed at work reported under RIDDOR
Number of injuries reported under RIDDOR
Number of over seven day injuries reported under RIDDOR
Number of new cases of illness believed to be caused /made worst by work
Number of days lost due to injuries & work-related ill health
Economic cost to Britain (£s)

What are the top two work-related disorders / illnesses reported?

What is the largest cause of work-related death

Answers Below

The HSE have produced a Poster to help make employees aware of the extent of the problem, are you going to buy one and put it up? There is also a vital statistics booklet

Vital Statistics 2017

There was a slight decrease in fatal injuries to 133 and the long-term trend continues to be  downwards. Top two industries were Construction with 30 and Agriculture with 27 deaths. Top causes were again being struck by a vehicle (31), falls from height (25), being struck by a moving object (20) and Trapped by something collapsing/overturning (10). Additionally, 92 members of public were also killed! Workplace fire deaths were 16 in 2016/7 these are not included in HSE statistics as fire come under Fire authorities within the Home Office.

Under RIDDOR reporting there was 70,116 non-fatal injuries and labour force survey estimated 609,000 self-reported non-fatal injuries to workers in 2016/7, with 434,000 injuries up to 7 days absence from work. Again, the top three causes were Slip, trips & falls at same level (29%), Lifting and Handling (22%) and struck by object (10%). So, there is still much to be done

The number of days lost due to injury and illness has increased to 31.2 million, the vast majority are due to work related ill health! With work-related stress just pipping Musculoskeletal Disorders as most reported illnesses. The number of new cases of illness caused or made worst by work each year is about 516,000, almost  the same as the number (0.5million) of new and existing cases of Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSDs) and the number (0.5millions) of new/existing cases of Work-related stress, depression and anxiety. So as you can see while not taking our eye off Safety, we must concentrate our focus on the far greater risk to ourselves and our staff of risks to Health!

Sadly, still the largest cause of work-related deaths is Asbestos related disease at 5,500 (2538 mesothelioma, 2,500 cancers and 464 asbestosis) more than twice that from road accidents (RTC) and 40 times the number of workers killed by accidents at work!

The economic cost to Britain is estimated at 14.9 billion but the pain, suffering and grief are in my opinion a great cost on which no figure can really be put!

It doesn’t have to be unsafe out there, train and work safely. Don’t become a statistic!