A great day in the “office”

Sometime you have a day that makes you realise why running a training centre is so worthwhile. For me today was just such a day. We had a group of our current Level 3 Education & Training students in to complete the final day of their course and deliver their micro-teach sessions.

We’ve watched this group develop over the last few weeks on both classroom days and on the eLearning component of their course and today we got to see them put into practice the skills they’ve developed. I think it’s fair to say I’ve never seen a more varied or interesting range of presentations from a group and I genuinely learned something from each and every presentation.

We had:

  • Fluorescence Or why do things glow and how to use it
  • Dyslexia in Adults
  • DSE Risk Assessment
  • RLSS Casualty Types
  • How to build a Tandoori Oven

Now that’s an eclectic mix of subjects! The standard of delivery and enthusiasm was extreamly high from all of the students. The only possible comment would be that it may not be the best idea to teach us how to build a tandoori oven just before lunch as we all then left the session wanting a curry!

Well done to all of our students today – it was a privilage to watch your efforts and you sparked interest and enthusiasm from your tutors and fellow students alike – surely the mark of a good teacher.