The launch of Ann Gravells latest book

Philip Morris, EQC Teacher Trainer and Chris Bowles, EQC Director of L&D recently attended the launch of Ann Gravells latest book at her Publishers SAGE in London, at which as well as talking about the book, Ann spoke of her journey to becoming a teacher and an author. From humble beginnings of council house in Scunthorpe, Ann enjoyed Primary school but didn’t like Secondary and thus didn’t do well, leaving with few qualifications, a late developer by her own admission. It was when she went to college to study to be an Hotel Receptionist, because she liked meeting people!) and typist that she learnt lessons that would shape he career to come. You just know that Ann is the cream that floats to the top, she sees opportunities for herself to improve and teach others to be better at every turn in her life, a truly inspirational lady and teacher. One was left wondering if she had taken Political History (parents choice) she probably would be Prime Minister!   If you get the opportunity to meet Ann and hear her talk: take it, it will be educational!

Principles and Practices of Teaching and Training: A guide for teachers and trainers in the FE and skills sector (Further Education and Skills) Paperback – 6 Nov 2017

This book forms the final instalment in a trilogy that is all student teachers in FE, trainers in skills sector and experience practitioners alike need for their studies, students or personal reference.

Principles and Practices of Assessment (Further Education and Skills) Paperback – 28 Dec 2015.

Principles and Practices of Quality Assurance: A guide for internal and external quality assurers in the FE and Skills Sector Paperback – 22 Sep 2016.

As with all Ann’s books (17 in total!) they are written in clear language and a style like an experienced friend (or mentor) guiding you through the maze that can be learning to teach, with plenty of example to illustrate best practice and activities to help you with your own learning and development. As you would expect from Ann the content is relevant and comprehensive, while the structure and particularly use of bullet points, tables etc presents the information easily. While Ann would agree students should not refer to only one text, this would be a good primary text for any trainee or practicing teacher. It is not full of high fluting educational theories however it does cover the key principles but more importantly gives good practical advice that will not just help you to complete and pass which ever Education & Training qualification from L3 AET through L4 CET even helping at L5 DET but to be the best teacher you can be for your students.

After brief introduction; to the book, FE & skills sector, qualifications and standards, study skills, writing & referencing, and evidence-based practice, the book goes on to cover in fourteen chapters all the content a teacher or student teacher needs. From Role of the teacher to Teaching Practice.

Including all the usual suspects; planning & design, managing &Facilitation, communication & resources including use of technology, delivery & evaluation of learning and Equality, Diversity and inclusive practice.

While Ann’s other offering in her trilogy cover more comprehensively Assessment and Quality Assurance they are covered sufficient within this text.

The new appendices of abbreviations & acronyms help in an area full of them! The Checklists and tips for new teachers are really useful additions. Well done, on an excellent publication.

If you haven’t already purchased and read it, I have only one question; Why not?